Hello! I’m Red, admin here at Eroyume.

I’ve been reading visual novels for more than 10 years. It’s a hobby that I’ve really enjoyed and something that I want to share with others. My aim for this website is to offer high quality opening videos to fans and newcomers. The vast majority of the games from which these videos are taken are playable on the PC, unless otherwise noted in the title. Ultimately, I want to reach out to as many people as possible and hopefully play a role, however small it may be, in increasing demand for this niche genre in the west. I recognize that they are generally difficult to get into if you are not already familiar with anime and manga, so I would suggest starting there first.

Q: What exactly are visual novels and eroge?

A: Refer to Wikipedia’s article and Micchi’s blog post.

Q: Explain the history behind Eroyume. How did it start?

A: It’s a long story, but I’ll try to keep it brief. I came up with the idea in 2008. I was a member of a little-known video streaming website called Stage6. Some of you may remember it. They were a direct competitor to YouTube and offered perfect 1:1 streaming using the DivX codec. I ran a channel there and uploaded some of my favorite openings. It was a really casual experience and not something I took too seriously. Unfortunately, DivX ran into financial problems later and had to shut down the service.

By a stroke of luck, I happened to be the last user to add a video to their directory before they disabled uploading. It was for Muv-Luv Alternative. That video went viral in a matter of days, because it was at the front of the page fully exposed. Comments from users poured in asking what it was from, but I never indicated that it was a visual novel. They knew it looked awesome and sounded awesome, and they liked anime, but what in the world was this shit in front of them? It struck me at that moment. There was obviously an interest here, but it just wasn’t getting out to people.

So I moved on to YouTube, where the userbase was exponentially larger. My channel built up hundreds of videos and thousands of followers. However, it fell victim to censorship and was closed due to a terms of use violation. Ketsuage, a Japanese user who later went on to create ErogeTrailers.com, a site which now has integration with EroGameScape, took over the reigns to fill the void I had left. He messaged me saying that I inspired him to start his own project. That, in turn, gave me the idea to create a website, a place where I would have more freedom. When it first opened, it was under the name RedInf3rno. I later renamed it to Eroyume, and that’s where we are today.

Q: Why opening videos? Why not the full games?

A: Because I’m an encoding geek and purist. Although I’m constantly giving the developers hell about how they handle their videos, the openings are actually some of the sharpest-looking on the internet, and I’m attracted to that sort of thing. They also happen to be an effective way to advertise a visual novel. As for why I don’t provide full, pirated copies of games… it’s not that I’m against the free sharing of information. I just don’t feel it’d benefit the English-speaking community very much without a translation.

Q: No news or reviews?

A: Eh, there’s already plenty of blogs covering both. You can find links to them in the sidebar. I’m also a really terrible writer. I want to play to my strengths and continue providing a service that’s unique and one-of-a-kind. I can say with confidence that I’m currently the only user regularly offering up encodes for VN OPs.

Q: Do you know Japanese?

A: I know enough to play visual novels, and my proficiency in the language improves every day.

Q: I don’t understand a single word of this moonspeak. Will I be able to play visual novels, too?

A: Of course! There are a handful of publishers that put out official releases in English. There are also fan translators that are always working on English patches to make these games playable. You can find a full listing here. You should also keep a lookout for the VNTL logo in any post at this blog.

Q: Don’t most of these PC titles contain pornographic content (hentai)?

A: Indeed, they do. Anything that’s posted under the “Eroge” category is for ages 18 and older. Anything under “Visual Novel” is for all ages. However, you shouldn’t let it discourage you if you don’t wish to view that sort of material. Many eroge still contain great story, art, and music. Sex scenes aren’t necessarily the focal point like they are in nukige, and they are rather easy to skip.

Q: What happened to the translation patches? Didn’t you host them before?

A: In 2009, I made a repository containing every English patch that was available on the net. They were getting thousands of hits. When the DMCA takedown notices started rolling in, I knew it was time to put an end to that idea. I’ll let Aaeru and the translators handle it.

Q: Why was Eroyume dead for two years and then suddenly revived?

A: I had a lot of obligations and responsibilities that were popping up in real life, and I could no longer devote enough time to adequately maintain this blog. Things have settled down a lot since then, and I’m more comfortable with my situation now, so that’s why I’ve returned. I intend to keep it that way.

Q: What’s all of this hoopla about world domination and taking over the world?

A: It’s an inside joke. I occasionally interact with viewers in that way. Any new feature or idea that I come up with is always another step towards achieving world domination in a Pinky and The Brain sort of style, except without Pinky.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can reach me by e-mail (eroyume@gmail.com), Twitter, Facebook, or you can leave a comment below. I check all of these regularly.

16 comments on “About

  1. Can you by any chance post the PSVita Openings of Fate/Stay Night? Well the one I really want is the one for Heaven’s Feel…much thanks in advance, it’s okay if not possible…

  2. Excuse me! Why don’t you translation the opening of visual novel to engsub and make romanji? I want to find the opening has engsub and romanji to translation to my language but I can’t find that. Whatever do you know team or page traslation the opening of visual novel to engsub? If you know, please tell me! Sorry, my english not good.

    • It would require significantly more time and work to add subtitles/karaoke to all of my encodes. Unless someone from another group offers their services, I don’t see this happening any time soon. And sorry, I don’t know of anyone that subtitles visual novel openings on a regular basis (there used to be a guy on YouTube who did this). I see an ocassional one every now and then but not on such a massive scale.

      • If you know Japanese, please help me! Everybody in my country both like visual novel even so opening in visual novel. But very rare the people can read and listen Japanese. You only need make subtitles, don’t make karaoke. You don’t encode the subtitles, you can upload it single.

        *Well, I think i have many mistake, sorry

  3. Hello,
    I had came to look for a request a blog link exchange, and read an interesting story.

    ketsukage… Erogetrailers does inspire me.
    There was someone who went by POTEROLL on Youtube, who made full versions of eroge OPs. I used to watch all its videos, but shockingly, he/she suddenly disappeared from the web, along with all his content.
    Another youtube account/website that recently caught my attention is Yakumohime, who uploads 10-20mins gameplay of Eroge trial version.

    My blog is very young and messy right now, I do partial VN translations, I use VNR and upload the translated gameplay on youtube.
    I also introduce original Chinese VNs in English.
    I’m still experimenting on what to do. I was thinking in translating OP songs, but hesitated.

    So, yoroshiku.

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