13 comments on “All MediaFire links are down

  1. First Jsharer and Megaupload, then the other file-hosting sites like Fileserve and Wupload, and now Mediafire.

    Getting eroge is starting to become harder and harder these days 😦

  2. Yo, it’s me.

    Here one more tip. In the future, when you reach landmarks (ex: 500, 600, etc) you can make a huge torrent. Of course it’s a pain in the ass seed 500+ individual torrents, so you can define a name, e.g. “eroyume batch” and use it as the last batch torrent for all your files. So in every torrent you post you can say “if this file is no longer seed search for the latest version of eroyume batch”, you should put this even in the lastest batch, so people will always know there will be a newer version if the batch they did found it’s not seeded. When you reach a landmark, stop seeding the last batch and see the new.

    You can throw everything in this torrent (OP, games, etc). Also you could throw in the site a tutorial showing to users that think they will have to download a 50gb torrent to get one file that they can actually download just one file from the batch.

    DDL is great, but it has its limits after all, specially for older files. With an huge torrent, maybe they will not get it the fastest way, but they will get it. Also, other people can contribute as well seeding (It’s much easier seed a torrent, where you actually do nothing except leaving the pc running than make mirror links that will be taken down after a few weeks)

    By the way, I liked Muv Luv OP.

    • Great advice! I was already planning a batch torrent, but you have given me some ideas.

      Unfortunately, there’s a few things I will need to work out before I can start this. For example, I didn’t properly label the videos that weren’t safe for the main Nyaa tracker. I will need to watch and sort through these, and then create a category on the site such as “NSFW”. I’d also like to re-encode a few older videos which I feel didn’t meet my usual standards.

      P.S. I also like the Muv-Luv OPs. -_^

  3. Could you check the following two files on mega;
    [Eroyume] I-O Revision II [Hi10P][800×600][93F7AE26].mkv
    [Eroyume] Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru OP2 [Hi10P][640×360][CB604EDE].mkv

    Both errored out when tried to download them. First tried yesterday so doubt it’s a momentary thing, or something on my end as the other files I downed had no problems and their crc checked out fine.

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