2 comments on “VNTLS Hosts Their First Podcast

  1. Thanks for summarizing the podcast. I didn’t have the nerve to listen to it myself.

    MS and google actually compete.

    Fuwan and the hired hands at JAST work towards the same goal, the spreading of visual novels.
    We do it informally while they do it commercially (i.e. they do it by filtering their hard hours of work through the thirsty pockets of Peter Payne).

    They’re just people with different philosophies.

    Of course, while I advocate co-existence, the people on the other side they don’t want to reason. They would rather use violence over talking peacefully. In fact it is fascinating because they are willing to go out-of-their-way to ban those whom they do not like, ban those who do not agree with them, so that there is no conversation with such ppl. Which is fascinating because I think it is a social fitting-in phenomenon. The culture is to enforce and punish those who stray from the socially accepted norm and to reward those who steer within. These ppl actually do not care about hearing new ideas, generating new ideas or considering facts. What they care for is the need to fit-in. Everything else comes second. From speaking with Tinfoil it became more apparent to me, because he has double standards. The desire to do what is right comes second to being socially accepted. Being socially accepted is Everything to these people. (Moogy hints at it when he raged at my blog post). In fact it is the ultimate aim, it trumps even the desire to share & spread VNs. (speaking with teruterubouzu, he was exactly the same way)

    I think that is a really bad culture because it actually handicaps itself from further growth (or doesn’t care about growth). The old is rotten but the old is not big, it’s just a tiny tiny community.

    I think it is not worth giving up, it is worth creating a new community, one that is honest to the fact that over 99% of all VN fans exist now because they came through piracy. And these people CAN be monetized. They are monetized through a different business model. This method is objectively a greater source of income for the JP VN creators – even more money than the Peter Payne method – and that is all that matters.
    Simultaneous worldwide livestreamed anime (crunchyroll) didn’t come about because they hid behind a veil of pretense and lies. They actually had to grapple with the behaviours of a new generation of anime lovers who weren’t interested in owning boxed copies.

    There is one rule in the art of money making and it is this: it’s Innovate or Die.
    Even the Swiss government issued the same statement regarding piracy.

    sorry red, dont mind me & my rant post. i wanted to get some off my chest (because it is a hard fight).


    • “sorry red, dont mind me & my rant post. i wanted to get some off my chest (because it is a hard fight).”

      No no, please do. I encourage it.

      It’s true that some of the opposition to Fuwanovel is due to philosophical differences and even because some won’t go against what is considered socially acceptable (within the group and in general).

      I’m not going to elaborate too much on the MS/Google analogy, because it’s pure conjecture at this point. We will see how things play out if/when Fuwanovel picks up steam.

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