15 comments on “Full Metal Daemon Muramasa

    • This blog will still be updated, wuhugm. I’ve been forced to postpone it for a while because of things going on in real life. I have plans to start it up again.

      • Wow, I come back and your blog is still the same lol. Some interesting things happened while you were away.

        !.) ForswornNasci got suspended, so I was forced to make a new account (FNReDux) and a backup (RestlessFervor)

        2.) Miyako has left us (Her account and blog has been closed)

        3.) guuchan of LonE is taking a very long hiatus. Not sure when he’ll be back, but his lossless contributions will be missed

        Oh, and ketsuage has like 10 accounts now. You should check them out for updates.

  1. I’m still here with you, bro–supporting the industry the best I can! However, I only recently reaquired the internet, and work has picked up as the seasons warm up…..

    …go team? >.>

  2. At the spark of August, I give you a nudge, bro! Since we haven’t heard from you in a month of two, how are you feeling, and how is life treating you?

    • Still alive.

      Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Things keep coming up in real life that prevent me from working on this page. I will return, and it will be glorious. 🙂

      • Still alive I see? Hope to see your blog up and running in time for the holidays!!!! As for me, well I’ve decided to go on a long hiatus since my last account was banned. Might upload something for the holidays though. Hope to see you back and running again Red.

    • i just made a new account so you can check it out for OP’s but i joined back only yesterday so only 6 at the moment.

  3. BRO!!! BRO!!! *Unnecessary-Dive-Tackle-Huggle* You’re alive! *Glee*

    Wow. I like, checked your blog at just the right time. Only a day away. In any case, it is good to see (Your typing) you. I eagerly await your glorious return. Without you, I have trouble getting my music fix *Sagely nod* Youtube just doesn’t cut it, especially since the CUT OUT every good up-loader we have =,/

    I hardly qualify since I only have a handful of videos up. So it falls to you, bro. Good luck *Conveniently disappears when trouble starts up…*

  4. -sigh- i’m finally back. are you coming back any time red? my account and system was hacked and taken down. after that long time i forgot (yeah, i know what you’re thinking, “you… forgot?” but…) i plan to reopen my blog and keep a -2 videos a day- schedule and what not… well, just keeping you posted! my new YT account is Miyako3699 so comment if you ever come back. later!

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