7 comments on “Coμ -Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku- OP2

  1. I can’t seem to read any of the videos you’re coding now. Or rather, my sound drivers can’t pick up the sound. =/

  2. After a bit of trouble hooting, I still seem to have the same problem. Is there a specific set-up I have to install for the Codecs, or i Lex missing something?

    • Which media player and OS are you running? Did you have CCCP installed prior to this? Does the video play without sound, or do you just get an error message?

      There’s a few more things you can try. The following two players use built-in codecs instead of relying on Windows’ DirectShow.




      If this still doesn’t solve it, then I’m at a loss. I’ll test these videos on other PCs to make sure it’s not an error on my part. :/

  3. (Poted Prior to testing)

    Media Player is Windows Media 8-10 (one of those =/) and the OC is XP

    At first, the videos would not register at all, and open up a message asking how I wanted to run the program. One or two of them, such as Eden, would open up in DivX once I installed it as an atempted means to fixing the problem, but no sound would come.

    After I uninstalled divX(as my comp needs all the space it can get, poor thing), I downloaded those codecs, and after reading a note on their site, chose to open things in Windows Media. Media gave me a warning that it did not recognize the file suffix, and that the video may not play. Low and behold, the video–sound included–did not play.

    I’ll try those media devices there!

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